Silestone is the ideal choice for any household.

Classic or contemporary, inner-city chic or colonial charm… no matter what your style, Silestone provides an elegant, durable and low maintenance surface. Silestone combines the hardness and strength of naturally occurring quartz, with the technological advantage of an aesthetically uniform stone surface.

Silestone is a combination of crushed quartz (95 per cent) and a polymer resin (5 per cent). It is produced under the same unrelenting heat and pressure which form volcanic rock and diamonds. The result… a stone which is extremely tough, dense, and pure.

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Silestone is the ideal choice for any household or commercial surface. There are three thicknesses – 12 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm. There is a versatile slab size, with a minimum large uniform slab sizes of 120″x 55″, which means less waste.

Silestone has superior colour range over 40 Colours – from the brilliant white of Blanco Zeus to the cosmopolitan style of Azul Electra, Silestone has a colour for everyone. Colours and patterns are consistent throughout each slab.

Another advantage of Silestone is that it is scratch resistant – it is as hard as granite and harder than stainless steel, it really is the worry-free surface solution. It is also acid resistant which means you can have confidence using any acid based cooking ingredients (cola, lemon, vinegar etc). It is maintenance free so does not need sealers or special cleaners. Just clean up with soapy water. Silestone received the best possible score for stain resistance from the CSIRO.

Silestone has a 15 year warranty. It is manufactured by Spanish surface specialists Cosentino. Highly respected and world renowned for the highest quality workmanship, Cosentino has been setting industry benchmarks for decades, and producing Silestone for 15 years.

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